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How To Deepen Your Voice

Deepen your voiceIf you are suffering from a squeaky or high pitched voice, your chances to succeed with the ladies are pretty slim. In order to address this problem, you will have to learn how to deepen your voice. Achieving a deeper and more masculine voice can and will actually also help you in other areas of life. A deep manly voice will demand respect and you will be regarded as an authority figure whenever you open your mouth.

Imagine you are going to ask a beautiful lady on a date, you plan everything in advance, but when the moment of truth arises, you rather walk past her than to hear your own voice and be faced with the humiliation of being laughed at by the woman of your dreams. You have to remember that women are programmed with a basic instinct that will allow them to choose the best mate for her and possibly her children and you will definitely set off her internal alarm and that will be the end of it. 

Enough with the negativity, let us see how we can help you. Now, although your physical body is not something that you can choose, you do have the power to change or modify it. Just like a an athlete trains his body to become stronger, you can also train your vocal chords to obtain a deeper voice that the ladies will approve of. Follow these tips on how to deepen your voice and start a new life of verbal confidence. 

Voice deepening exercises.

1. Reciting of the voice deepening words.

This is in fact a method that has been used a lot in the broadcasting community by focusing on certain words and their pronunciation. Remember to first speak in your natural voice and recite the following words: "ling long, ding dong, sing song, king kong". Concentrate on the last "ng" sound and linger there for a few seconds.

2. You must now recite the same words but instead of your natural voice, use your deepest voice.   

Repeat the exercise but concentrate on using the deepest voice that you can muster and remember to linger on the last "ng". Try not to go too deep as this can cause some discomfort. You will feel that your vocal chords will begin to strain as you do this voice deepening exercise.  

3. Repeat the words but now use your mid-range noise.

This is probably the trickiest one. You now have to use a medium depth voice that is somewhere in between your natural voice and your deepest voice. You must repeat these exercises three times, once a day in order to deepen your voice.  

4. Advanced Training.

Continue with this exercise after you have completed one week of the previous exercises. Try to tilt your head as far back as you can. You should now have a clear view of the ceiling or a bright blue sky (hopefully) if you enjoy the outdoors. While in this position, repeat the first set of the voice deepening exercises. This will allow your vocal chords to stretch and will put a bit more strain on them.

You only need to do this twice a day. Don't try to increase the frequency in order to obtain faster results, as this can result in vocal chord damage.      

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When starting out with these exercises you may experience a bit of discomfort because you are forcing your vocal chords to operate at a different level than what they are used to. However, after you have trained your vocal chords regularly, your vocal chords will be able to achieve these different pitches easily without discomfort.       

Although our main focus is on dating, you will also be better of at work where your co-workers and even your boss will be inclined to listen when you speak. You will certainly make a better impression in an interview or when you have to negotiate a raise or just about anything where verbal communication plays an important role.


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