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Pick Up Lines

pick up linesMany men fail to initiate a conversation with women because they are at a total loss for words. The easiest way to overcome this is to memorise a few good pick up lines and use them when needed. This will help you to approach women and will also help you with your confidence because you are prepared. A recipe that always works well is when you use humor and wit to set yourself apart from the other guys.

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Delivery of the pick up line.

This is crucial if you want to succeed and it will be very helpful to practice the delivery on some of your lady friends or in front of a mirror. Your body language plays a huge role and is almost more important as the delivery itself. It does not help if you have a very static facial expression for you will most definitely fail before you even spoke a single word. The basic rule is to smile as this will disarm the woman and will make her more susceptible to your advances. Also try to radiate confidence when delivering your pick up line as this is always a pre requisite for almost any woman.

Approach types.

Due to the nature of the game you will have to exhibit a certain degree of bravado in most cases. Just remember that there is a fine line between bravado and cocky jackass. Having a cocky jackass approach will not win you any points and will most likely ruin your chances with a woman.

If your pick up line fails.

If the response to your pick up line is not positive, you have to quickly follow up with a joke in order to lighten her mood. You have to play the part and adapt your body language to reflect the type of pick up that you are aiming for. Arm yourself with some good jokes to prepare for this scenario.

The compliment.

All women love compliments and after you have delivered your pick up line and your woman responded positively, you can now make use of a sincere compliment. The more specific you can be, the better. Refer to her beautiful blue eyes or her sexy slender fingers - you get the idea?

Small talk.

Engaging in small talk will give you the opportunity to find out more about her and to introduce yourself. Ask her about her favourite tv show or music or even what she had for breakfast. Also ask her any other interesting question that you can think of. Be attentive when she answers as this will show her that you can listen. You can take part by smiling or laughing when appropriate but don't interrupt her when she is answering your questions.

The phone number.

It is now time to get her phone number. By this time she should be feeling more at ease and comfortable with your presence. Don't talk too much about mundane subjects at this stage as you want to keep the momentum going as well as create some mystery. After asking her phone number it is time to leave. You have to leave her wanting more (of course this only applies if you are interested in her).

There are literally thousands of pick up lines to choose from but you have to be selective and be able to identify when to use a certain one. Don't worry, with a bit of practise it will come naturally and you will be able to meet a lot of women. Even if you do use an improper pick up, chances are it might still work depending on the personality of the woman.

 The difference between a pick up line and an opener.

Pick up lines are traditionally used to obtain a quick response from a woman whereas an opener are more frequently used to spark a real conversation and to build attraction. They are in fact the same thing as the purpose of both is to create a starting point for a conversation. Granted, there are a lot of pick up lines that are indeed used only to shock or to baffle a woman. It is wise to stay clear of these if you are seriously looking to create interest and attraction. The point is this : you need something to say after you have approached a woman and in this regard, both the pick up line and the opener will be adequate     

Use proven pick up lines or openers. 

You might as well stack the odds in your favour by using the ones that have been proven to work in the field instead of risking her rejecting your opener or pick up line. Note that I said "reject the opener" and not "reject you". Men make the mistake of thinking that they were rejected but this is of course not true, it is impossible, how can a woman reject you if she does not even know you? It is the pick up line that was rejected, not you.

Remember that women get hit on a lot and they have been fighting off advances since a very young age and are very used to being targeted, especially the really hot ones, they must have heard hundreds of pick ups and are used to blow men off or ignoring them because it has become second nature, a reflex. If your opener does not get through to her, she will instinctively reject it.

Different types of openers and pick up lines. 

In essence, there are only two types - the direct and indirect approach. The direct opener or pick up line is used when you walk up to a woman and say something like "Hi, my name is Brad and I just could not help but notice how beautiful you are and I just wanted to introduce myself." This type is straight and to the point without any attempt to hide your intentions. The direct approach does involve more risk and is used by guys that have ample confidence with women. Since there is not much to say about the direct approach other than the fact that you have to have steel balls and know how to use them, we will be concentrating more on the indirect approach.

Those are the ones that you will use to evade her defenses by luring her into a conversation without revealing that you are in fact trying to pick her up. This is maybe a bit sneaky but it is very effective. Your goal is to build attraction and to allow her to become comfortable with you. By using indirect pick up lines or openers you give yourself the opportunity to build attraction by having a conversation and this will also help you to verify that this woman is indeed someone that you will want to date. One of the most effective ways, is to use the opinion opener.

The opinion opener or pick up line.

Have you ever met a woman who does not have an opinion? Of course not. Women are known for their tendency to share their opinions whether asked for or not and this is a big advantage for us men, for it allows us to make proper use of this method. You see, when you go over to a woman and ask her if you can buy her a drink or if she wants to dance, you leave her with a choice, one of which is to say no. You don't want to give her full control by giving her the decision-making power with which she can easily reject your advances.

Instead, use an indirect approach and say something like this "My friends and I were having an argument and we would like a woman's opinion to enable us to settle it : Is it considered cheating when making out with another girl?". You are now asking her for her assistance instead of just hitting on her. There are numerous pick up lines and openers to choose from to help you start a conversation and take control without having to worry about the outcome.     

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 Where can you use your pick up lines ?

There really are hundreds of opportunities in every day life where you can use your pick up lines but let us give you a few examples :

1.  Gym Pick Up Lines.

Do you know why this is the ideal place to pick up women ? Well, copious sweat , sexy bodies and revealing clothes definitely sets the stage. Be careful not to come on too strong, just play it cool and casual and you will reap the benefits.

1)  Don’t you hate it when the guys check you out all the time, me too.

2)  The Surgeon General came out with a new study that says “working out” is bad for you. Just kidding.

3)  Can you tell me in a week if I look any more attractive?

4) What do you think is hotter: having a lean-toned body or a beefed out Schwarzenegger body?

5)  (Girl on a treadmill): Who are you running from?

2. Video Store Pick Up lines.  

The video store is also an ideal place to meet women. Don't go home alone and wish you had a girl to watch the movie with.

1)  Have you seen that movie where the girl falls for the guy at the video store?

2)  (Girls checking out horror movies): Hey if you girls need a guy to hold onto when you’re watching your horror movie, I’m available tonight.

3)  Do you know if they have porno movies here?

4)  You’re so fine, you should be making movies not watching movies.

5)  I would rather watch you than a movie.

3. Grocery Store Pick Up Lines. 

The grocery store will provide you with another ideal opportunity to pick up women. The fact that food is eaten with your mouth and a lot of food is shaped like erotic body parts, provides for a sensual relationship that will be subconsciously present in a woman's mind. You will be pleasantly surprised by the receptivity of women in grocery stores.  

1)  Do you know how to squeeze these things (holding fruit) to tell if they’re ripe.

2)  My club card is the only thing that keeps me going in this crazy world.

3)  I love the carts at this store. Good wheels, nice steering.

4)  If you were given a 3 minute shopping spree in here, what would be your strategy?

5)  I’ll give you this coupon, if you give me your phone number.

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4. Coffee Shop Pick Up Lines.

Coffee cafes have become very popular and provides an ideal environment for meeting women. The women will be in a relaxed mood and the coffee will provide a heightening of their senses.

1) I love a woman that can appreciate good coffee.

2) I never thought that I would meet the woman of my dreams at a coffee joint.

3) You are hotter than this cup of coffee.

4) Excuse me, I don’t see you on the menu.

5) Something smells good, is that your coffee or you?

5. Bar Pick Up Lines.

A bar is one of the most common places to pick up women. However, you will have to use alcohol in moderation to keep your advantage. Because alcohol loosens inhibitions it will make it easier for you to approach women by just taking the edge of, as they say.

Another advantage is that alcohol intensifies feelings, so if a girl feels horny, she will be feeling extra horny.

The third advantage of a bar is that there will be a lot of single women. No need to be too weary of a huge boyfriend or husband wanting to smash your face in.  

1)  I’m letting girls do body shots off my chiseled torso later for $5, I have change if you need some.

2)  You know I did you a favor and interviewed all the guys in this joint and they’re all losers.

3) Did you steal my beer because that looks just like the one I was drinking?

* If she gets defensive just respond: “Listen I won’t call the cops if you just give me your phone number.”

4) Are you here for a super model convention?

* Every girl at some point wished that they had the beauty of a model, so with this compliment you will win her affection as long as you deliver it sincerely.

5) I keep trying to drink my beer but you’re too distracting.

* What girl doesn’t like to be distracting. Get ready for a warm smile with this one.

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