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Online Dating Tips

Online dating Are you tired and fed up with all the nonsense people feed you about online dating, not to mention all the cheesy basics like : "make sure you have a good profile, refer to something on her profile " etc.

It is a well known fact that over 90 % of men will give up on online dating because of a lack of results. If you feel pretty clue less on how to get a girlfriend using online dating sites, don't worry you are not alone. Most men find it very difficult to succeed with online dating.


There are a few tips that you can keep in mind that can help you get better results. You can start by using these three online dating tips immediately :

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Don't Date Online

This may seem silly, you would like to know how to get a girlfriend by using online dating and I am now advising you against it. Well, not exactly. You see, online dating is an excellent way to meet women, but if it is your intention to learn how to get a girlfriend and build a meaningful relationship, you need to get the interaction of the net quickly.

A lot of online dating tips will simply advise you on how to use e-mail as a communication channel and get women to respond to your mails. Have you ever really been able to build a successful relationship by phone or e-mail only to discover that you feel quite different when you meet this women in person? This is an absolute waste of time!

What is even more ridiculous is the fact that a lot of women create fake profiles and post pictures that does not even come close to the real deal. There are also women who are willing to chat online but when asked to meet in person, they suddenly disappear. The conclusion therefore is this : don't waste your time dating online, just use it as a way to meet women and get to know her by actually spending time with her in person.

Timing Is Important 

As far as online dating tips are concerned, this is the most important of them all : make sure that you send your e-mails on a Saturday and Sunday morning, It is true that as men, we are not concerned about timing because we are results and actions oriented. Women on the other hand are a total different story. They are very focused on the process by which a man pursues, seduces and meets them.

You also have to realize that most women who date online will receive a ton of e-mails and it is very difficult for them to answer them during the week because of their busy schedules and also keep in mind that they are probably easily distracted during the week. Single women will mostly go out on a Friday or Saturday night in the hope of meeting a man. This does not always work for them and because of this they will get frustrated and check their e-mail to see what their options are. Make sure that your e-mail is also there to greet them and you are in the game.

Rules On How To Use Emailing

There are three basic rules when it comes to e-mailing women on dating sites.

First Rule : Do not use more than 100 words - if you write an essay, she will probably not read it or she might think that you have nothing better to do with your time.

Second Rule : If she doesn't email back, send a follow up. Persistence can get you results.

Third Rule : Present yourself as a man of high social value.

The third rule implies that you need to show an equal amount of interest and disinterest. This only means that it is not a big deal if she does not respond. This can sound a bit counterproductive, but by doing this you will make her realize that you are not desperate to hear from her and she will automatically assume that you have a higher social value than the rest of the men that are pursuing her.

These tips will give you an unfair advantage and you are almost guaranteed to attract more women using online dating.

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