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How To Text A Woman

Texting has become a very popular communication tool in dating but if not used correctly, it can get you into trouble. Texting women can work well for you if you follow a few rules on how to text a woman.

Why texting women is great :

How to text a woman1. It is great for confirming a date or venue, something like “See you tonight at 7:30 at Bob's Restaurant.” 

2. It is also great to re-confirm : "What time did you want me to pick you up?".

3. It is a great way to show that you care : "Did you get home  safely?".

4. It is great for foreplay when you text something like "What are you doing right now?".

Texting women is all about short conversations, but texting can also get you into trouble. These are the 7 ways in which texting a woman can turn ugly:

1. Misinterpretation is very common. You may think that you are texting a joke but your date might not read it that way and as a result she might never want to see you again.

2. Don't ever text a woman to ask her out. Women hate this because they immediately think that you are not that interested in them if you ask them out via a text message. If you are really interested in a woman, you have to pick up the phone and call. Some women will say yes to a date but they always prefer a call.

3. Knowing how to text a woman can bring you great results, but one thing you should never use it for, is to cancel a date. Cancelling a date by texting a woman is the chicken way to blow someone of, irrespective of whether you want to see her again or not.

4. Don't use texting to date. Texting a woman is great to get the wheels rolling but unless you are in an underground prison with Godzilla as a cell mate, you need to pick up the phone and have a real conversation.

5. How to text a woman to tell her that you had a good time on your date ? Well, the answer is easy, don't text her the first thing after you get up the next morning. You have to wait at least a few hours. Allow your date to have some time to think about you and this is especially important if it was your first date - you don't want to be seen as over-anxious.

6. Texting a woman does not necessarily mean that she will respond. It is quite possible that after texting a few times she suddenly does not respond to something that you have sent. If you know how to text a woman, you will know that quite a few things can interrupt the texting, this can be anything - she might have fallen asleep or maybe she is busy with a call. Because of the impersonal nature of texting a woman, you won't always know what happened.

7. By knowing how to text a woman, you won't drive yourself or your friends crazy when she does not reply. You will know that it is quite possible for your text to have gotten lost as a result of many things. For instance, she might have been interrupted or she might have gotten caught up in work. If you haven't heard from her for a few days, then just phone her.

If you know how to text a woman, you will be able to have a lot of fun while carefully avoiding some of the common mistakes. Try to minimize the possibility of any misunderstanding.

Keep in mind that texting a woman is a great way to stay in touch but it is not a replacement for phone conversations.

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