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How To Get A Girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend by becoming irresistibleYou may find that you are beginning to realize that knowing how to get a girlfriend is a life skill that you need in order to get what you want. Think about it, how to attract beautiful women is not a course that is offered in college. The truth is that when it comes to practical dating tips for men, you are probably left with what you have learned from your friends or your dad. 

You will soon realize that this is just not enough for you to learn the rock solid strategies on how to get a girlfriend. The following is some priceless information that most men have never learned.

The Three Little Known Dating Tips For Men :- 

1. Nice Guys Finish Last.

You might have noticed that the men who really know how to attract beautiful women are also some of the roughest and unrefined individuals that you have ever met. It is common knowledge that women say that they want a polite man with a big heart and good manners who has a great relationship with his mother.

But have you ever seen women dating men that fit this description ? Pardon me ladies but actions do speak louder than words - the evidence is in - nice guys finish last. It is therefore not surprising that you can not follow the advice that women will give you if you wish to have a successful dating experience and find yourself a nice girlfriend.

People seldom have a clear understanding of what they want and what is more is that people's words almost always contradict their actions. You can get to know the best dating tips for men by starting to pay attention to the men that women are actually chasing, dating and sleeping with.

2. Don't Fear Rejection.    

How can this possibly be good advice on how to get a girlfriend you ask. Let us be reasonable : no man dead or living has ever had a 100 % success rate with women. You have to get out there and start to meet women and ask them on a date in order to get a girlfriend. 

It is true that many will say no but the more you meet, the better your chances will be for a positive outcome.  

3. Watch Out For Neediness.

Most men have no idea how to get a girlfriend because they need one. Again, this might sound a bit crazy but women can smell desperation from 100 miles away. Neediness will put you in a position of weakness and it will also lower your social value - the result : you will not get what you want.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have an amazingly attractive woman in your life but every attractive woman out there knows that is exactly what men want. Needy men will approach them on a daily basis and they are just tired of it. If a woman has high social value, she will be looking for a man who also knows his value and understands that women need him more than he needs them.

These are the three areas you need to work on in order to get the girlfriend that you want and you need to start today.

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Get a girlfriend

 How to Get a Girlfriend-The 7 Steps

Step 1: Self Confidence

This is a deal maker or breaker as I have pointed out numerous times, not because I like to repeat myself, but because I want you to be successful at meeting and attracting women. You can have a girlfriend, in fact you can almost have any women as your girlfriend, if you act confident and self assured. Women will be drawn to you if you show no nervousness. 

Step 2: Understanding Women 

It is important to understand the differences between men and women - this will allow her to feel an instant sexual connection with you.

Step 3: Know how to Meet and Approach Women

You have to be able to start a conversation with women and to do this you need to address any approach anxiety that you may be suffering from. Keep the conversation going and spark her interest in you by being casual, funny and of course charming.

Step 4: Getting a Date 

This part requires you to be able to organise a date with the women of your interest and to get her phone number.

Step 5: Understanding the Dating Process 

In order to get her to want to be your girlfriend you will have to keep her attracted in interested in you.

Step 6: Seduction

This is the most exciting part for most men and it involves the process of adding the physical component to the dating process. You need to set the stage and work your magic.

Step 7: Your Dating Game Plan 

This step deals with the relationship aspect. You have to establish a strong dating relationship and you need to keep her happy.

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