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How To Flirt With Women

How to flirt with womenMany men know absolutely nothing about how to flirt with women. This is a skill that many a man either never learned or have completely wrong. Think about this for a second, the techniques of most men consist of "Do you come here often?", "Can I buy you a drink?" and "Where are you from?". It is no surprise then that so many men are frustrated and find it difficult to attract beautiful women into their lives.

If you are truly interested in knowing how to flirt with women and you are tired of the same old dating tips then these three tips on how to attract beautiful women with flirting are just for you.

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1. No More Mr. Nice Guy.

I am dead serious. You may have been given this advice in the past but you might have never really understood it.

In order to know how to flirt with women, you need to understand how attraction works for women. They are primarily attracted to men who make them feel safe and secure but also excited at the same time. (Nice) guys that do everything a woman wants have a serious drawback.

Contemplate this : how safe would you feel around someone who does everything the way you want them to ? Such a person will undoubtedly be submissive and will have trouble standing his ground. Add the fact that women want a man that can protect them, it is easy to understand that being a nice guy will without a doubt reduce your ability to attract women.

Yip, this is likely the most important advice that any guy can be given.

2. Be Unpredictable.

If you are required to make her feel safe and secure then how on earth are you supposed to bring excitement into the equation? Knowing how to flirt with women is all about unpredictability. You have to leave her guessing about something. This mystery and unpredictability will have to be balanced with confidence and responsibility.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to leave your life, your values and personality intact even when they are not to her liking. You may lose some because of this but you will be amazed at just how much more desirable you will become when a woman realizes that she can not control you just because you like her.

The more attractive a woman is, the more men will be competing for her attention. She will therefore be accustomed to men who will do everything in order to get her attention. Women find this very boring, so you can set yourself apart by being less predictable.

3.Tease her When She "Tests" You.  

Okay, I know you have a question : Why do so many women try to control their man when they find it so boring if the man does exactly what they ask of him? The answer is simple! She is testing you. She wants to see if you are man enough to stay the course. It is probably needless to say that most men fail these tests and end up on the "friends list".

It will be easy to spot these tests as they are normally unreasonable or downright silly. The best way to "pass" these tests is to playfully tease her in a humorous manner for being unreasonable or silly. When you do this, you will automatically be way ahead of the competition

Start using these tips today and be amazed at the difference it will make in your dating life. You can even become the talk of your social circle as all of your male friends will be wondering where you learned how to flirt with women.    

Using your voice to flirt with women.

Did you know that approximately 55 % of flirting is done by using body language and almost 40% by using your voice? Only 5% of flirting is done through the actual words being spoken! This is good news, now you don't have to be so stressed out about what to say - just say something.

How to flirt with women using your voice. 

There are 3 points to consider :

Voice Tone
Voice Volume
Voice Speed

 Voice Tone.

A lot of women will admit that they find a deep voice very sexy and that is because a deep voice represents a fearless and in control personality. You can easily distinguish yourself from other men by developing a deep masculine voice. Learning how to deepen your voice is something that can also assist you in becoming more confident and will certainly make it easier to flirt with women. 

Voice Volume.

Women want confident men and a good clear voice is a an indication to women that a man is indeed confident. The volume of your voice is a clear projection of your self confidence and women will immediately have your attention as it is natural for confident men to flirt loudly.

Men that lack confidence will speak in a soft, muffled voice that will easily be noticed by women and these men will immediately be identified as weak.

If you feel intimidated by women because you have a soft voice just try to increase the volume of your voice to a level that seems just too loud for you and you will manage to speak at a more normal volume. Do practice it a bit before you try it in an actual conversation.

Voice Speed.

Have you ever noticed that people who have a fear of public speaking always speaks at a fast pace just to get it over with. You will want to speak in a calm voice and at a natural pace if you wish to succeed in  flirting with women. If you talk too fast, women will sense that you are nervous and therefore not confident. If you struggle with nervousness then just try to speak at half the pace that you thing you should be speaking at and you will most likely manage to speak at a more natural, acceptable pace. Building confidence with women is extremely important as women are very good at detecting a lack of confidence in men.     

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