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From Friend To Girlfriend

from-friend-to-girlfriendThere are many guys out there who are struggling terribly with the transition from friend to girlfriend. If you really feel strong about her and you want to make her your girlfriend, you need to take action. There will be a few obstacles in your way - she might see your suggestion to become her boyfriend, as a betrayal of trust or she might be unsure as to how she feels about you romantically and worse case scenario, she may not feel that way about you.

A always, there are a few general rules that you will need to obey.

1. Limit the time that you spend with her

If you spend all your available time with her, you might be seen as desperate and she will not be open to any suggestions from your side to ever be romantically involves with you.

2. Employ physical touches. 

By touching her arm, leg or shoulder, you can condition her to become comfortable with your touch, which will help you in the final phase of your attempt to make her go from friend to girlfriend.

3. No More Mr Nice Guy.

If you are always nice, you will give the impression that you are a great friend but that you will never be anything more. This does not mean that you must be a bad-ass, it merely means that you can not allow her to control you.

Wat are the risks ?

The risk is that you might damage your friendship if the transition does not go smoothly. To help you overcome the obstacles and roll out a smooth transition, you must make sure that the girl at least finds you attractive and that she wants to be your girlfriend. The following tips will help you achieve this. 

How to get your friend to be your girlfriend ?

There are 3 steps that you need to consider when you want her to go from friend to girlfriend :

Step 1 : Develop high social value.

It is important that she sees you as an attractive male and not just a friend. You will have to highlight the qualities that women find attractive in men, one of them is of course social value. You will have to develop your social value outside of your friendship. This is a very powerful approach and will most certainly help you a great deal in your efforts to get her to go from girl friend to girlfriend.

You will have to cultivate friendships outside of your friendship with the girl. The more friends, especially girl friends, that you have in your social circle, the better your chances will be to be seen as a man with options. It also helps when you are actively involved in either a hobby or sport which will position you as someone that has a fulfilling life with many friends that find you likeable.

Step 2 : Get her into your territory.

This will give you the opportunity to treat her like a lady and is a vital part in the transition from friend to girlfriend. Now that you have friends and activities outside of your friendship, the time as come to introduce her to your world. Chances are very good that she will now see you in a totally new light by observing you in an environment with new friends and new situations.   

By bringing her into your territory, you will become her bridge to all these new experiences. Now is the time to slowly plant the seed that maybe you can be more than just friends. You can test the waters by initiating some teasing and some light banter. Because she is now away from everything that is familiar to her, the new scenery will be a good way to allow new dynamics to flourish between the two of you.

Step 3 : Look out for any attraction signs from her.

Now is a good time to increase the flirting an exchange of banter between you and her. You have to watch out for signs that she is attracted to you before you attempt to ask her to be your girlfriend. If these signs exist and the teasing and flirting between the two of you is becoming more frequent, you can safely accept that she is open to the possibility of being romantically involved with you. You can now ask her to be your girlfriend.

If you follow these tips, you can safely get her to go from friend to girlfriend without any complications.














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